About Us

The Cancer Health Justice Lab (CHJL) is a multidisciplinary research lab committed to addressing the inequity of cancer prevention practices among certain groups. Despite the increased availability and effectiveness of cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment programs, medically underserved and hidden populations still suffer significant disparities concerning access to and the health outcomes of these programs.

CHJL refers to our growing effort among our members to encourage equal distribution and utilization of health resources for medically underserved and hidden populations facing disparities due to socioeconomic status, immigration, criminal record, race, age, sex, or insurance status.

Our Commitment To Health Justice

CHJL recognizes that inequity in cancer prevention is a health justice issue described as social and structural factors that have a powerful influence on human health, well-being and long life (Venkatapuram, 2011 (External Link)). Cancer is widespread and addressing cancer disparities requires a fundamental paradigm shift in the way we view medically underserved and hidden populations.

Mission Statement

The Cancer Health Justice Lab (CHJL) is a multidisciplinary research group of public health, social work, nutrition, medicine, nursing, and criminal justice professionals / researchers that have come together to address inequity in cancer prevention in medically underserved and hidden populations by increasing cancer knowledge and awareness through designing and testing of community-based interventions.

Cancer Care Continuum

The Cancer Care Continuum is a framework used to describe the various stages and progression of cancer. This framework includes understanding risk, prevention, screening, detection, diagnosis, treatment, survivorship, and end-of-life.

cancer control continuum
cancer control continuum