Cancer Support Resources

This section focuses on resources gathered from national organizations providing services for individuals living with cancer and those that are considered cancer survivors. We included a listing of resources for managing a cancer diagnosis, coping with cancer, financial assistance, travel needs, housing assistance, and cancer survivorship. This list is by no means exhaustive. Ensuring everyone has access and knowledge to these services is our goal.

Managing a Cancer Diagnosis: The resources below focus on steps patients and family members need to take after a cancer diagnosis and how to navigate the medical and health care system

After Diagnosis: A Guide for Patients and Families – (External Link)

Finding Health Services – (External Link)

How To Talk To Your Doctor – (External Link)

Coping with Cancer: Dealing with all the stressors that may come with cancer treatment may be difficult for some. It is not uncommon for many to connect and find networks that will support them through their journey

Cancer Support Groups – (External Link)

Coping with Cancer – (External Link)

Financial Assistance: Locating Organizations that can assist financial support for cancer treatment

Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition- (External Link)

Co-Pay Relief – (External Link)

Financial Assistance Program – (External Link)

Managing Costs and Medical Information – (External Link)

Patient Services, Inc. – (External Link)

Travel Needs: Finding ways to get to cancer treatment may be difficult; below are some resources that can help you get there

American Cancer Society Transportation – (External Link)

Air Transportation Services – (External Link)

Ground Transportation Services – (External Link)

Housing Assistance: With the added expenses of trying to pay for cancer treatment, many may find themselves looking for places to stay. Below are resources for housing

Joe’s House – (External Link)

Cancer Survivorship: For individuals who have had cancer and have completed treatment. These resources will provide information on life after cancer

Cancer Survivorship Tools – (External Link)

Survivorship – (External Link)

More Resources