Understanding Vaccine Hesitancy Across Groups

In the United States, there appear to be four main groups have been identified within the population of people who are not vaccinated: NYTIMES – Article

The Watchful Group:

These individuals are waiting to see what happens next before getting the vaccine and holding out to see what kind of experience their friends or neighbors have with the vaccine before getting the COVID vaccine.

The Cost-Anxious Group:

Want the vaccine but cannot afford the time or cost. This group is concerned about the length of time in getting an appointment. The potential expense of getting vaccinated includes travel to the vaccination site, locating childcare, and concerns about taking off work to get vaccinated.

The System Distrusters Group:

This group has experienced racism, perceived stigma, and discrimination, and they believe that the health care system has been unjust toward them due to historical and current events that have impacted their communities. This group understands that biases about certain groups affect the quality and access of health care services.

The COVID Skeptic Group:

Is the least likely to get vaccinated because of their beliefs about COVID-19. The majority in this group believes at least one conspiracy theory related to the pandemic, whether microchips are implanted with the COVID vaccine; the government has exploited COVID-19 to control people or caused the pandemic a certain group who secretly manipulate world events.

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